My work is generally based in series, recurring aspects that losely tie paintings, textile works and installations together by a string of interest and symbols. Since one painting can become part of different series due to the symbols that appear in it and due to older paintings appearing in the backgrounds of newer ones, over the years a net is woven, that interconnects works. These connections between works appear organically for me, just as symbols and meanings that appear are not the result of planning, but feeling.

The series are at large not meant to be completed, instead symbols and ideas are taken up in new works or fall into the background for a while. As my work progresses, different aspects from past series reappear, transform and grow with me.

Ambivalent uniform


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Die Rheinpfalz am 02.12.2022 über die Ausstellung Die Zitronenpresserin

Eb Dietzsch Preis 2022 geht an Vivian Eckstein